Check out our Love of Learning Binder

The Love of Learning Binder can be used in homeschool setting, preschool, or as a daily part of a momma life with little ones at home to provide activities as well as additional challenges that can be done daily with your child.

Just wait until you see your little one flourish!

Purposefully made with calming colors to prevent distraction and provide a focused space for learning through play with a parent or teacher, this binder will be the new way to start your day – a jumpstart on learning.

Welcome to Books Bees & ABCs – I’m so happy to have you here!

My name is Jessica and I’m an Educational Consultant passionate about finding and sharing great resources and activities for moms who already have enough on the go. I’m here to make life a little easier! You’ve got this, Momma!

My goal is to help moms make learning fun and to show you how easy it is to make a part of your everyday at home, I share some tried and true child-centred learning approaches that my daughter (2.5 years old) and I work into each day, freebies I’ve built that I think you will love, and resources like the Love of Learning Binder that I’ve built with you and your little ones learning in mind.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and how I can help you make learning through play a success in your home. Learn more about me here!

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