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♥ Jessica is currently learning the ropes of Motherhood from a brilliant toddler who makes everyday playful! As the Proud Owner and Operator of Profound Play and Learning, a Community Home Daycare, and the Founder of Books, Bees & ABCs, she comes with a background in Education and Research. Jessica taught in public school, worked on province wide studies in Early Childhood Education, as well as with well known companies and their employee’s ongoing professional development. Jessica also dabbles in the creative side of arts and crafts when time allows ♥


Here to help moms make learning fun and to show you how easy it is to make a part of your everyday, Jessica will share some tried and true child-centred learning approaches, invitations to create, as well as introduce you to other moms, like you, that are rocking the mom world with tips and tricks to share and who are dealing with real life just like us!


With support, resources, and a bit of planning (although sometimes life doesn’t allow for much head’s up!), all of your creative play ideas and plans can happen with ease, and in a way that makes the rest of the day run a little more smoothly.


It’s Jessica’s hope that you find support, encouragement and balance in being a mom, and being you.


You’ve got this, Momma!


I love hearing from my readers and really appreciate your feedback. Discussion is so key to what I offer here to support fellow moms in providing enriching opportunities for toddlers, preschoolers and those in early years education.


Purposefully made with calming colors to prevent distraction and provide a focused space for learning through play with a parent or teacher,

The Love of Learning Binder can be used in a homeschool setting, preschool, or as a daily part of a momma life with little ones at home.

The Best Lunch Boxes for Your Child

Searching for the Best School Lunch Box How Do I Choose the Best Lunch Box? I Ask Another Mom! Little Bee is about to start preschool and I have been searching all over for the best lunch box to send with her each day. Something easy for her to open, but also offers...

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Parenting Advice from Experts and Storytellers

Parenting advice from experts and storytellers. The best TEDTalks for Moms who want the best for their children I want the best for my daughter I am constantly striving to create an environment of learning for my daughter. I feel heavy from time to time, with the...

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Favorite Water Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Today, while enjoying the incredible summer sunshine, Little Bee and I were playing with ice on the driveway. Although a seemingly simple activity we were actually talking through very complex science in addition to everything else we were learning. For her, talking...

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Preparing Your Child for Their First Trip to the Dentist

Preparing Your Child for Their First Trip to the Dentist I recently took Little Bee to the dentist for the first time. It had been one of those things I just never had the time for when we were busy running the daycare and I felt awful for not having gone sooner. She...

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Making the Most of Summer with Routine and Planning

Summer Days with Kids Oh beautiful summer sounds, how I’ve missed you! Summer is almost officially here on the calendar and school is just about ready to end for another year. For my house this means visitors galore and lots of travel to see family and friends that...

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