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♥ Jessica is currently learning the ropes of Motherhood from a brilliant toddler who makes everyday playful! As the Proud Owner and Operator of Profound Play and Learning, a Community Home Daycare, and the Founder of Books, Bees & ABCs, she comes with a background in Education and Research. Jessica taught in public school, worked on large studies in Early Childhood Education, as well as with well known companies and their employee’s ongoing professional development. Jessica also dabbles in the creative side of arts and crafts when time allows ♥

Here to help moms make learning fun and to show you how easy it is to make a part of your everyday, Jessica will share some tried and true child-centred learning approaches, invitations to create, as well as introduce you to other moms, like you, that are rocking the mom world with tips and tricks to share and who are dealing with real life just like us!

With support, resources, and a bit of planning (although sometimes life doesn’t allow for much head’s up!), all of your creative play ideas and plans can happen with ease, and in a way that makes the rest of the day run a little more smoothly.

It’s Jessica’s hope that you find support, encouragement and balance in being a mom, and being you.

You’ve got this, Momma!

We love hearing from our readers and really appreciate your feedback. Discussion is so key to what we offer here to support fellow moms in providing enriching opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Purposefully made with calming colors to prevent distraction and provide a focused space for learning through play with a parent or teacher,

The Love of Learning Binder can be used in a homeschool setting, preschool, or as a daily part of a momma life with little ones at home.

Amazing Messy Play Ideas and the Benefits of Sensory Play

I recently wrote about the benefits of outdoor play and an added benefit I didn’t mention but is a huge one in our home is that the mess stays outside! We love messy play and I know that you are going to love it too when we look beyond the “mess” aspect and into the...

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The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

The Amazing Benefits and Importance of Outdoor Play for Children of All Ages Most children love to play outside if given the opportunity, which in itself is a beautiful benefit; the joy and laughter they experience and the smile beaming across their face. Knowing the...

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How to Declutter Toys That Have Taken Over Your Home

How Our Decluttering Adventure Started We have a very small house that was formerly a daycare that I loved with all my heart. It was a beautiful space for a home-like learning environment that I filled with meaningful toys which allowed for learning through play. When...

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Making Meaning out of Making Marks (free download)

Making Meaning out of Making Marks: Activities for Little Ones Learning to Write Little Bee, who is about 2 and a half now, loves to colour together. But what I think she loves most about it is watching me and making meaningful marks on the page, like when I write her...

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