We are about two weeks away from taking our little family to the beautiful shores of Prince Edward Island. This is the incredible place I call home (away from home) and where F and I will spend a few months to gather inspiration, meet incredible women with much to teach us, and most importantly, spend quality time with F’s grandparents! If you haven’t been, this island is like no other and welcomes everyone with open arms.

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Now, to figure out how to pack light for a toddler and her momma for 2 months, every type of weather and possibilities galore! This will be a true test of our ability to be creative with play and learning for we won’t be taking traditional “toys” with us, but will be making use of nature and what can be found at my parent’s home, for play (check out post about that here)! We hope to distance ourselves from technology (which won’t be too difficult as we aren’t a big technology house to begin with), except for regular video calls home to Daddy, who we will miss very much!


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