Our Newest Freebie!

I love making new printables for my daughter – activities, quotes for her room or just cute little pictures she has inspired.

Most importantly, I love making printables that we can use to enrich her learning through play and allows us to have a quiet, low key activity together that has meaningful outcomes but is packed with fun.

I thought since she and I were loving them so much, you might like to have them too! For FREE! Yes please! I love seeing and hearing how you use these freebies so feel free to send me a note with your amazing ideas! If you have any freebies you would like to see, reach out and I’ll see what I can do!

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If You're Doing a Lot of Printing...

If you have an HP Printer and do a lot of printing like I do, HP Instant Ink acts like your own personal ink assistant. When you need ink, your printer automatically lets HP know to send more. HP Original Ink is delivered straight to your door before you run out – and only when you need it (no stockpiling!). Plus, trying it is risk free – you can cancel anytime. It’s pretty awesome and a huge savings for a house that prints as much as Little Bee and I do! *This is a referral link which if used cost you nothing extra, but allows me to do more printing! You can share your referral link with your friends with signing up so you can print for free too!*

Amazing Messy Play Ideas and the Benefits of Sensory Play

I recently wrote about the benefits of outdoor play and an added benefit I didn’t mention but is a huge one in our home is that the mess stays outside! We love messy play and I know that you are going to love it too when we look beyond the “mess” aspect and into the...

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The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

The Amazing Benefits and Importance of Outdoor Play for Children of All Ages Most children love to play outside if given the opportunity, which in itself is a beautiful benefit; the joy and laughter they experience and the smile beaming across their face. Knowing the...

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How to Declutter Toys That Have Taken Over Your Home

How Our Decluttering Adventure Started We have a very small house that was formerly a daycare that I loved with all my heart. It was a beautiful space for a home-like learning environment that I filled with meaningful toys which allowed for learning through play. When...

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Making Meaning out of Making Marks (free download)

Making Meaning out of Making Marks: Activities for Little Ones Learning to Write Little Bee, who is about 2 and a half now, loves to colour together. But what I think she loves most about it is watching me and making meaningful marks on the page, like when I write her...

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