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Jessica McKenna

Founder, Books Bees & ABCs

Teaching Social-Emotional Skills to Children

Strategies for Teaching Social-Emotional Skills to Children Especially for those who have difficulty expressing themselves What is social-emotional learning in early childhood? Children are learning so much in their early years as the world opens up before their eyes....

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How do you raise a successful and happy child?

Connecting with Kids at Home The pressure of raising successful children for parents As an educator, I know exactly what expectations wait for my daughter when she enters the classroom - still a few years away. I know the journey through school, the pressure to carry...

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The Best Gift Ideas for Kids that AREN’T Toys

Alternative gifts for children with more than enough toys Thinking of gift-giving season that is very fast approaching us, I dread the idea of more “stuff” entering my house. Although it is an ongoing battle with the memories I’ve attached to the simplest of things,...

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My Favorite Crayola Products for Back to School

Why I love Crayola Products I love Crayola products! Who doesn't?! Crayola makes reliable, dependable, arts and crafts products geared toward children while keeping parent needs in mind. And they cannot be compared to in regard to quality. Have you used a crayon at a...

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The Best Teaching Resources That You Can Use at Home

The Best Teaching Resources that Teachers Use at Home that You Will LOVE to Have Around the House! Teaching resources aren't just for the classroom As a teacher, I found ways to make my day run more smoothly in the classroom and to support the children getting the...

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