The 24 Best Books for Back to School!

and one app that is worthy of the list!

I love books – so much. My house is filled with them. I am actually bordering on too many although I will never admit to it when it comes to decluttering my house. My daughter follows in my footsteps when it comes to a passion for getting our hands on a book and falling fully into a story. We read together, snuggled on the couch. We read in a room together, a book each. We read aloud. So much reading. It’s a wonderful connection for the two of us; a reference for so much learning. I talk about reading as a place to start conversations in so many posts, a favorite being: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Activities (click here for more information on that).

But what it comes down to, is that I truly believe that books, reading, and the connection shared during this quiet time is the stage for discussing the big issues that are filled with emotion, such as preparing for the first day of school (more tips on how to do to that in this post). 

When it comes to preparing your child for school, especially those early years, my favorite books are listed below as well as my most recommended app – and let me tell you, I am picky when it comes to the resources I use in my home. Scroll on to learn more!


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Is Your Child Heading to Kindergarten soon?!

Looking over at that amazing child of yours, thinking of slipping the straps of a backpack far too big for their still tiny shoulders as you send them off to kindergarten for the first time, armed with the perfectly packed lunch and all the love in your heart; what a milestone!

Well, Mama. I can help you prepare for this amazing adventure.

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The 24 Best Books for Back to School!

The Best App for Back to School


We don’t use a lot of technology at my house – not to say that it doesn’t have a space in learning and that it doesn’t offer something incredible, because it can if it’s used correctly. It’s because we are so often enthralled with other activities and we don’t have a TV in the house so a reminder of a screen often isn’t there. It’s just not my thing.

BUT! In preparing for the launch of my FREE course: Preparing your Child for Kindergarten (which you can sign up for here), I knew I was going to need something educational and meaningful for a few minutes a day where I was asking my daughter to play quietly, while I was working on my computer. It wasn’t fair for me to say that I could use technology and she couldn’t. Plus, I was using her usual quiet time activity (her Love of Learning Binder) in the course videos I was creating so her normal go-to quiet activity wasn’t available to her. Not fair, right?

So, I did my research. I searched high and low for the best, most meaningful and impactful app for kids of her age (2.5) and one that could grow with her (meaningful until 8 years old), challenge her and allow her to succeed. I spent A LOT of time playing around with different apps in the wee hours of the night – testing and trying just about everything I could find. I wanted the best.

And then I found it. The best app for back to school preparation, for quiet time learning, for travel play. It’s adorable and jam-packed with learning opportunities AND I’ve got a coupon for a FREE MONTH of access for you here. 

Let me tell you about ABC Mouse – It is bursting with intentional curriculum that was designed in collaboration with recognized early learning professionals. Hello – speaking directly to my heart!!

This resource is free for educators to use as a support to what they teach in the classroom and for good reason. It dives into a lot of great concepts (learn more here) that I view as important areas of learning.

I did find it to be a bit expensive at first look and I hesitated. I didn’t sign up right away and continued to search for something else. But I kept coming back to this one because it really is so much better than others I have found. It covers a wealth of topics and approaches for making learning accessible. And, ultimate test, my daughter loves it.

Although there are a lot of free and flashy apps out there that offer an incredible aesthetic experience, that really wasn’t as important to me as the overall value and outcome. This app really does offer so much and has a clear path for learning. I’m really happy I found it and think that you’ll enjoy it as well.

Click here for a Free month of ABC Mouse to test it out for yourself. I would love to hear what you think!

As a teacher, mother and book lover I've had a hard time finding an app that met my approval for allowing my child to spend time on a device but I found it at last. The BEST app and website for fun learning for children ages 2-8. It's worthy of a back to school list from a very particular mom devoted to reading. #iphone #ipad #android #books #apps #forkids #boys #girls #learning #school #education #educational #curriculum #math #science #literacy #art #technology

The Best Magazine for Back to School!

We have been thrilled with our subscription to High Five, which is part of Highlights magazine. As a young girl, my sister and I had been gifted these and adored getting them. My daughter is just as excited to find them in the mailbox. Today, we didn’t even make it all the way back to the house to read them, but rather stopped along the way at our local school steps to take in all the stories and activities.

We also get a copy of Highlights – the original version that we all know so well. I read this and have it available for the older kiddos I work with. Little Bee loves to flip through these as well as it offers more challenge and more in-depth story. Read more about Highlights here! 

Back-to-School Fun Pack
Looking to put a new spin on an already amazing moment with my daughter, I researched the best magazine that would show up in the mailbox with her name on it; a fun surprise every month, filled with activities, ideas, and learning all in one place. The layout of this magazine is lovely, bright and exciting and children have been loving it for years! #son #boy #girl #books #cover #student #preschool #kindergarten #school #infant #allages #reading #home #gifts #nontech

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learning through play every day books bees and abcs toddler preschooler learning activities

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