Supporting Professional Play: the Educator’s Role

Supporting Professional Play: the Educator’s Role

The early years in a child’s development are FOUNDATIONAL when it comes to cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. The experiences enriched in an early learning classroom, on the playground, in playgroups, at home with a parent scaffolding play, are core to the overall development of each individual child.

Investment in early childhood education (at home with parents, in a ECE centre, in a small daycare or playgroup) and the people who co-create these environments with children is an investment in the wellbeing of the child. Not just for today, but for their journey through to adulthood. That includes their experience in a K-12 classroom, post-secondary education, work experience, community involvement and the families the child themselves may someday create.

Often viewed as the play before true learning begins, early childhood experiences are overlooked for the valuable part they play in the community. It is during this playful work that children are uncovering mysteries we end up relearning as adults: how to work together, solve problems, communicate with tact, express emotion, observe, slow down, laugh, enjoy, share.

Early childhood is not the play before true learning begins, it is WHEN true learning begins and it is led by incredibly passionate people who know and understand how to cultivate this experience.

Early childhood educators are not separate from other educators in traditional classrooms, rather, they link arms with these fellow professionals to create that circle of support for children throughout their lives.

It starts with play

Discover the value of learning through play.


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