Here on Prince Edward Island today the snow is coming down and blowing around enough to keep us in the house. Normally we love playing in the snow, marching through the woods, walking to the beautiful ocean’s edge, but brrrrrr…. not this afternoon.

Not everyone gets the memo that days indoors mean a lower-key tempo, so to burn off that energy, we love to move, dance and shake our sillies out! This is fun for everyone as we laugh and act silly, get Nanny and Grampie to join in, and I get a few extra steps accounted for. Not too shabby.

Here is our current favourite playlist. If you use Spotify, you should be able to access it for free by clicking here!

Music List for Indoor Days

Music List for Indoor Days

Let me know what you think or if you have any great music for movement recommendations for us! ♥

Using music and song as part of the core foundations of development allows kids to move and shake out their sillies while learning about their bodies and how they move, grow their muscles and learn about rhythm and beat (early stage math) #learning #tips #life #toddlers #preschooler #kindergartener #break #transition

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