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Hi and a great big welcome to you!

My name is Jessica McKenna and I help to empower Early Childhood Educators to create meaningful learning environments where children can flourish through play.
By shining a light on the incredible impact educators have on the lives of our youngest learners, I am on a mission to bring awareness to early childhood education and the role it plays in our communities.
I am an Educational Enrichment Consultant, Founder of BooksBeesAndABCs.com, former daycare owner and operator and researcher in the field of early childhood education, and provide wellness and empowerment coaching for educators – to help us fill our own cup first and show up for those we support each day.
With a background in Educational Psychology, I look at the environments allow us to flourish, the power of our belief in our own abilities and how we empower ourselves as parents and educators.
That’s why I created BooksBeesAndABCs, because ultimately I want to live in a world where early childhood education is viewed and appreciated for all that it is – and that the educators themselves realize the transformation and potential they have on each child in their care.
They are inspiring our future.


It’s my hope that you find support, encouragement and balance in being the amazing educator you are.

I love hearing from my readers and really appreciate your feedback. Discussion is so key to what I offer here to support fellow educators in providing enriching opportunities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and those in early years of education.


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learning through play every day books bees and abcs toddler preschooler learning activities

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