The Best Lunch Boxes for Your Child

The Best Lunch Boxes for Your Child

Searching for the Best School Lunch Box

How Do I Choose the Best Lunch Box? I Ask Another Mom!

Little Bee is about to start preschool and I have been searching all over for the best lunch box to send with her each day. Something easy for her to open, but also offers the ability to stay cool all day – I couldn’t decide if that even existed. While writing a recent post about preparing for back to school, I knew that this was a question a lot of the moms I talk to each day were asking too. I wasn’t the only one on this search! I decided to reach out to fellow moms, those who know best and opinions I trust. The results are pretty interesting – there were two favorites! Read more to see what everyone had to say!

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Personalized Lunch Bags with Super Cute Designs

This mom loves these adorable thermal lunch bags that can be stitched with your child’s name and favorite icon. Plus, they are washable!

Lunch Box:
Why I love it:
Finally found the perfect lunch kit for my girls.
Any of the thirty-one thermal lunch bags are amazing.
They fit everything. Have zippers. Keep things cool. Have such fun and bright patterns. Best thing…they wash like a rag!
I’m a wife and mom to 3 girls. 4,7 and 11.

I have been a stay at home mom for 11 years and am beyond grateful to do so.
To keep my social life active and help financially towards little things here and there I am part of a company that is the only one focused on anti-aging hair care. Monat brings naturally based products to the premium hair care world. Michele Hayward

Founder, Monat

Moms who love lunch bags that can go right into the freezer

An insulated lunch box that stays cold all day

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag Wobbly Stripes
PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag Blanket Stripe
My name is Rachelle. I am a Navy wife and mom to three beautiful little blessings. I love helping fellow mamas navigate the craziness of motherhood with tips and tricks on how to juggle both motherhood and the demands of life, find strategies on how to simplify your schedule and household as well as fun activities to do with your kids. Rachelle Gaulke

Founder, Three Littles

Lunch Box:
Why I love it:
I really like having a lunch box for my kids instead of a paper bag (which is what I used as a kid!) but trying to find an ice pack that isn’t too big or doesn’t make the lunch box too heavy is hard! BUT! I think I may have found the perfect alternative! You have to check out PackIt Lunch Boxes! They are lunch boxes that you can freeze overnight and they keep the food inside cold for hours. They have some really cute prints that my daughter is going crazy for next year!
Lunch Box:
Why I love it:
I prefer the PackIt Lunch Box with Strap because the bag easily packs school lunches in a breeze. I don’t have to remember to put a freezer container the night before or freeze a water bottle. The PackIt is also great for field trips or car trips to visit grandparents.
I’m a multicultural mom with a busy household of homework and homeschooling activities. I’m the founder of Spanish4Kiddos Educational Resources , a place to support teachers, parents, and homeschoolers with bilingual resources in English and Spanish.
Barbara Mascareno-Shaw

Founder, Spanish 4 Kiddos

Bento Box Lunches for Children

Why these moms love the functional organization to these adorable lunchboxes

Bentgo Brights Children's Bento Lunch Box Orange
Lauren Ricciardelli is the founder of Champagne & Shoelaces blog, loves Oreo cookies, singing in the car (often with her toddler), and meandering bookstores.  With a passion for story-telling and creating community, Champagne & Shoelaces is a place to find inspiration and ideas for travel, lifestyle products, and humorous stories about the journey of motherhood. Lauren is a self-proclaimed “Jane of All Trades”, holding a BA in Fine Art, Theater and Music, with an MFA in Arts Administration; a former wedding and event planner, and former Sunday School teacher.  Her favorite role, by far, has been that of “mother”.  Lauren Ricciardelli

Founder, Champagne & Shoelaces

Lunch Box:

Bentgo Children’s Bento Box

Why I love it:
My son and I both love the Bentgo Children’s Bento Box.  It’s super sturdy and leakproof, so I can send yogurt or dressing for dipping vegetables without fear of messes.  Because of the seals on the lid, everything stays in its individual compartment; no peas sliding into the applesauce! I especially love that he can open and close the latches himself.  My son is 2 and in Montessori school, so part of their daily routine is to bring their lunch to the table and open themselves.  It did take him a week or two to get the hang of it, but he’s super proud that he can do it himself.  It also keeps things cool throughout the day and fits in his Pottery Barn Mackenzie Classic Lunch Bag, which he also thinks is very special.
In my opinion, the Bento Boxes allow you to be more creative with the lunches rather than just the same old sandwich and piece of fruit everyday.  I also purchased this book for lunch ideas, that I love.

Is Your Child Heading to Kindergarten soon?!

Looking over at that amazing child of yours, thinking of slipping the straps of a backpack far too big for their still tiny shoulders as you send them off to kindergarten for the first time, armed with the perfectly packed lunch and all the love in your heart; what a milestone!

Well, Mama. I can help you prepare for this amazing adventure.

In a FREE email course, I walk you through

the 5 MOST IMPORTANT steps to preparing your child for kindergarten.

Lunch Box:

Bentgo Children’s Bento Box

Why I love it:
I just bought the best lunch boxes ever on Amazon! I got them because my kids like to pick at things. They like a variety! So we do like fruit, a cereal of some sort as a snack, carrots and then a sandwich in the big part!
Erin is a passionate mother of 2 tiny humans, life saving paramedic and a mom boss who inspires me with her love for her business. Talk about time management to the extreme! She is devoted to lifting women up and sharing confidence and mantras of amazingness. It all flows out of her naturally and with ease because it’s who she is at her core. Erin, you’re the best. ~Jessica  Erin Lee

Stylist, Stella & Dot

What to put in the lunch box?!

Lauren shared this book idea with us and as a lover of Bento organization in general, I have to say that I’m happily awaiting this book to reach my door after ordering on Amazon Prime!

What to put in a lunch box that your son or daughter will actually eat!

Here are a few more great ideas for what to put INSIDE these lunchboxes! You can easily make many of these lunches WITH your child which offers so much learning opportunity. I’ve written about that here as well as sharing a super fun free activity for coming up with meal ideas with your kids!

Which Lunch Box I Plan to Get for My Child’s First Day of Preschool

An affordable lunch box that my child can open on her own

I’m thinking that Little Bee and I will be ordering one of these Bento Lunch Boxes for her to nibble and crunch on separated snacks (because heaven forbid they touch, right?!) which should fuel her for the day!

I’m so very appreciative to these amazing moms who not only inspire me with their management of family and business but who never fail to support a fellow mama with a real-life question!

Do you have a recommendation that you would love to share with us? We would love to hear what you’re using and why you love it, or what you were thinking of buying and why! Reach out, Mama. We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Check out what real moms think are the best lunch boxes for children heading to preschool, kindergarten or first grade, that they can actually open and that stay cold all day. Also find amazing recipe books for healthy snacks for lunchbox ideas that are fun for children to take to school with them each day. #easy #schools #sons #daughters #boys #girls #mom #forkids
It Takes A Village: Meet Lacey & 24STRONG

It Takes A Village: Meet Lacey & 24STRONG

Lacey Koughan: 24STRONG

it takes a village 24strong empower young women girlsAs moms, fighting the day-to-day battles over spilled milk and endless to-do lists, it can feel like the villages we’ve been promised would help raise our children are non-existent. In those early days with my daughter, when her colic would have us both up into the wee hours, I had no clue how I was going to get her to adulthood – let alone through infancy. Now, with my more rested mind, I am able to recognize there are those out there looking to support us as parents, looking to shine a light on the tough days and cheering us on as we aim to raise strong and independent children who make a difference. I’ve said before that incredible people are all around us. They are not myths or magic, they are real people just like us and we don’t have to look far to find them.

lacey 24strong girl power empowermentLacey Koughan, founder of 24STRONG, has big dreams for education that builds the foundation of inspiration for our daughters. First bringing her vision to life on the shores of Prince Edward Island, she hopes to reach young women across Canada and beyond with a message of female empowerment.

Knowing the impact of youth being bombarded with media-marketed messaging, Lacey created workshops and activities where young girls find strong female role models who motivate through positivity and conversation. Through mentorship, healthy mental and physical habits as well as goal setting and attainment, these girls build friendships with like-minded teens and preteens who find support in one another.

Connecting with these girls is easy for Lacey – she’s one of them. Still a teenager herself, Lacey is driven by her passion and it’s not hard to see with what she has already created. With the world as her classroom, she continues to learn from the girls she meets through 24STRONG, running a business, creating exceptional free resources for our young girls and her own personal writing – she’s unstoppable.

Leaders and inspiration-makers like Lacey should be front of mind in the moments when we feel we are swimming against the current of motherhood. Lacey is a visionary with goals I have no doubt will be achieved and that many will be impacted by her guidance. Finding young women like Lacey helps to build our own village of difference-makers, provide an outlet for our children through programs like hers and give us peace of mind that together we can all make an impact for the good.

Find Lacey and 24STRONG on Instagram


It Takes A Village: Meet Amanda

It Takes A Village: Meet Amanda

I have been so blessed to have been surrounded by an incredible group of friends at many points in my life. The ebb and flow that we all go through introduces us to new faces and friendships. Never was this more important then when I was pregnant with my daughter and attempting to navigate the terrifying and overwhelming feeling of being a soon-to-be-first-time-momma! I had been living in Fredericton, New Brunswick for a while but few of my close friends had children or experience with this new journey I was about to embark on. At the time, I was working in an office filled with incredible women, separated by grey walls. Perhaps recognizing the look of exhaustion on a fellow employee, Amanda reached out with support and kindness, sharing tips and tricks to make preparing for the baby much easier. Three years later, Amanda has become a forever friend as our little ones play together and we support each other through life’s continued excitement. 

Amanda introduced me to Peekaboo Beans and it was instant love. As a brand that works to support children’s play and one who creates it’s clothing with all children in mind, it was a match made it heaven. Click here to learn a little bit more about the brand. And read on to learn more about this amazing woman I am lucky to call my friend ♥


Amanda Hanson

amanda peekaboo beansI’m a homebody who loves snuggling with my kids, family time, drinking all the wine, and a good belly laugh. I’m Mama to Max, Avery and my fur baby Beasley. I struggle daily with whether to stay up late to have ‘me time’ or get the sleep I’m desperate for.

I started selling Peekaboo Beans in June 2016. After a long and mentally exhausting stint with miscarriage and infertility, I finally became pregnant with my 2nd child and needed a distraction to get me through those early pregnancy weeks. I had been an avid Bean lover for a few months and started buying so much for my daughter that I decided it would be a great investment financially and mentally to become a stylist. I initially started buying my daughter Beans simply because they are made specifically to be comfortable for kids to play in. We all know how uncomfortable it is to be constantly yanking our pants up or pulling our shirts down and I didn’t want her to have to deal with that. I want her to be able to be free and move without restrictions while she plays. Plus, I mean they’re totally cute! Since buying Beans, they’ve seen us through many phases – the ‘I want to dress myself phase’ (perfect because the lines are made to easily mix and match), the ‘this dress/sock/pant leg/tag/breath of air ‘tickles’ me’ phase (perfect because there are no buttons or sequins to tickle, and the twill tape hem and tacked down pockets mean that the fabric won’t get twisted and become uncomfortable from washing) and my favorite the ‘it still fits me phase’ (perfect because many Beans items are grow with me and are designed to last through a growth spurt, so that tunic does now work as a shirt 😉).

peekaboo beans at books bees and abcs

When I had Max, the first outfit I put on him was a Peekaboo Beans playsuit (still my go-to for him). The chin guard keeps him protected from getting pinched, diaper changes are a breeze with the full length zipper, the fold over mittens are awesome for crazy, scratchy baby nails in those early days, and he’s able to crawl, scoot, walk, roll and even sleep in the cozy fabric. I love the entire baby line for him and now he’s even big enough to wear items from the boys line with sleeves and pant legs rolled up!

Those are all great reasons for my kids to wear Peekaboo Beans, but I also love a good deal and Beans are expensive so I needed to justify the cost to myself… easy! Beans last forever. Seriously. The one-of-a-kind high thread count ensures the clothes are not only comfortable, but also ensure longevity and sustainability. My kids are wearing Beans that are much older than they are and are still in perfect condition. Limited or no wash-wear, no shrinking, no twisting or bunching. Plus, because they wear so well, I am able to sell their clothes when they finally outgrow them and get a nice chunk of change back. The resale market for Beans is fantastic! I also love that Beans are pre-shrunk. Far too often I’ll get a ‘sale’ at local children’s stores, but the items will shrink after a wash and become too small, or fade and look ancient. Finally, a huge bonus is that there are no harmful dyes. While this is a bonus in and of itself, it also means that stains come out VERY well. It took a bit of trial and error to find a stain removal regimen that works for me, but now I’m in my groove and there isn’t a single stain on a single Bean that scares me. Bring it 😉

Don’t take my word on it – the best way to fall in love with this brand is to try it out for your own kids!

learning through play every day books bees and abcs toddler preschooler learning activities

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