Empowered Educator Workbook and Journal Course

Early Childhood Educators have long been viewed as “glorified babysitters” or the “care before true learning begins.”

This couldn’t be more wrong.

Educators who choose to work in the early years are shaping the social emotional experiences for children that will take them into adulthood. They are there to wipe tears, dust off knees and celebrate the milestones of the children in their care.

Every day, in every way, they show up for those families who choose them to love their littles while parents are needed elsewhere.

But yet, as educators, little space is given for ourselves. The grace we need for the days that feel heavy and overwhelming.

I’ve been offering a workshop for educators that walks them through a guided workbook where they can dig in and reflect on their experiences, what they love about their role, the impact of what they do everyday, who inspires them and how they can ask for help in the areas they wished they found more support in.

I wanted to offer this workbook to you, to print for your educators, along with a guide on how I present the ideas so that you can support the educators in your centre just as if I were there with you.


You’ll be getting a PDF of the workbook to print the number of copies you need for your centre, a run through of the presentation I give to prepare educators for the work they are about to do with you, and a copy of the slides for you to put together your own presentation.

You’ll also have access to me. To reach out anytime you need to support you in any way you can.

I’m here for you.

Let’s work together, link arms and empower the educators who work so hard every day.

I'll be walking you through the presentations I share with centres and educators, and sharing the slides with you so you can cultivate your own presentation to support the educators that you work with each day. You'll have access to print out your own workbooks as many time as you like - lifetime access to all this content means you can go back again and again.

…Supporting you to support the educators you work with each day.

Connecting with your child while learning, and enriching their education at home with ease. Feel supported with this course that has videos, printables, routines, meal planners, and the core learning concepts needed for long term success in school. #activity #mats, #cutouts #ideas #preschool #toddler #schoolaged #morningwork #kindergarten #teachers #activities #products #sightwords #summer #children #student #checklist #athome #crafts #packet #toolkit #morningroutines #worksheets #lessons

You’ll have forever access to this course and workbook as well as all updates that come to it in the future!

It’s a downloadable file in the simplest part – the workbook PDF is available for you to print out as many copies as you like – but you’ll also have access to the presentation I give as well as the slides to download and use for presentations of your own.

I’ll talk you through the presentation, the tips and tricks to get educators involved and participating and preparing to dive into the workbook and journal.

Time is precious and I want to make the most of yours. Supporting educators in the conversations that allow them to make the most of the journal and workbook will be beneficial for everyone – most importantly, the children in their care.

You’ll have access to me and my coaching as well – reach out to me anytime for additional support – I’m here for you.

About Jessica

As a former preschool, kindergarten and elementary teacher, daycare owner and operator – I know how important self care is in this role to prevent overwhelm and burnout. Educators are often overlooked and misunderstood and my mission is to support a wave of change where early childhood educators are viewed as the experts and professionals they are. 

REach out with any questions you have!

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