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it takes a village 24strong empower young women girlsAs moms, fighting the day-to-day battles over spilled milk and endless to-do lists, it can feel like the villages we’ve been promised would help raise our children are non-existent. In those early days with my daughter, when her colic would have us both up into the wee hours, I had no clue how I was going to get her to adulthood – let alone through infancy. Now, with my more rested mind, I am able to recognize there are those out there looking to support us as parents, looking to shine a light on the tough days and cheering us on as we aim to raise strong and independent children who make a difference. I’ve said before that incredible people are all around us. They are not myths or magic, they are real people just like us and we don’t have to look far to find them.

lacey 24strong girl power empowermentLacey Koughan, founder of 24STRONG, has big dreams for education that builds the foundation of inspiration for our daughters. First bringing her vision to life on the shores of Prince Edward Island, she hopes to reach young women across Canada and beyond with a message of female empowerment.

Knowing the impact of youth being bombarded with media-marketed messaging, Lacey created workshops and activities where young girls find strong female role models who motivate through positivity and conversation. Through mentorship, healthy mental and physical habits as well as goal setting and attainment, these girls build friendships with like-minded teens and preteens who find support in one another.

Connecting with these girls is easy for Lacey – she’s one of them. Still a teenager herself, Lacey is driven by her passion and it’s not hard to see with what she has already created. With the world as her classroom, she continues to learn from the girls she meets through 24STRONG, running a business, creating exceptional free resources for our young girls and her own personal writing – she’s unstoppable.

Leaders and inspiration-makers like Lacey should be front of mind in the moments when we feel we are swimming against the current of motherhood. Lacey is a visionary with goals I have no doubt will be achieved and that many will be impacted by her guidance. Finding young women like Lacey helps to build our own village of difference-makers, provide an outlet for our children through programs like hers and give us peace of mind that together we can all make an impact for the good.

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