Lindsay Müller is a creating Mindful Music for Children and Other Humans – She shared her story here:

Three years ago, I was a stressed out mom of two energetic toddlers.
I felt like most of the words that came out of my mouth were: 
“Be careful!” 
“Don’t do that!” 
“Be gentle with your brother!”
Deep down, I wanted to speak positive, loving words to my boys because what we say to our children is POWERFUL.

Our words become their inner voice!

But I was so busy and frustrated with the demands of my little boys that I often forgot.
What we say to children becomes their inner voice. Check out this post where we share a beautiful song that inspires confidence and self love through affirmations that are meaningful for children of all ages as well as the adults who love them. #toddler #infant #preschool #school

Affirmations for Children & Those Who Adore Them

At the same time, I was learning about SELF LOVE and POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. As I spoke affirmations to myself I noticed a huge shift. I became so much happier, more confident and less stressed. I wanted to make sure my kids heard these affirmations from a young age because I knew they would believe them easily, and hopefully keep them tucked in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

So I came up with a list of positive affirmations from A-Z, starting with “You are Amazing” for the letter A. I’d whisper this list each night as I tucked them into bed, and eventually it developed into the song that has become my main message as a parent, musician and human: that every single one of us is AMAZING; that we are all loved, unique, and valuable.

I didn’t want this message to be solely for the kids, so eventually, a second verse developed. I wanted my boys to know that I believed in these affirmations as well. This time I turned the words around: “You Are Amazing” became “I Am Amazing.” It turned into my personal anthem and boosted my self-confidence and self-love even further.
Without further ado, here is the song and the lyrics can be found below. I hope they will serve as a tool to help instill self-love and confidence in your children’s hearts – and in yours as well.

Lyrics that Empower Children and Support Confidence

Verse 1: 

You are amazing, and I believe in you,  
You’re beautiful inside and out 
You are capable of anything you wanna do,   
And you’re doing a great job 

You are excellent, 
and I have faith in you, 
you have great ideas 
And I’m so happy that you’re in my life 

You are important, intelligent, 
You are filled with joy 
You are kind, you are loved, 
you’re allowed to make mistakes 
You’re never alone, and it’s okay to be sad, to be mad, to be scared 

You are precious, and I’m so proud of you, 
We are all equal 
You radiate love and joy, 
You’re special and you’re safe 
I trust in you, for you are unique, valuable, wonderful 

I’m so excited to get to know you.  
Love yourself, be yourself and 
go crazy once in awhile

I love you in the good, I love you in the bad, 
When you’re happy, and when you’re sad 
I will love you, I will love you, always! 

Verse 2:

I am amazing, I believe in myself,  
I am beautiful inside and out
I am capable of anything I wanna do,  
And I’m doing a great job

I am excellent, and I have faith in me, 
I have great ideas
And I’m so happy that I am alive

I am important, intelligent, 
I am filled with joy
I am kind, I am loved, 
I’m allowed to make mistakes 
I am never alone, 
and it’s okay to be sad, to be mad, to be scared  

I am precious, and I’m proud of myself, 
We are all equal 
I radiate love and joy, 
I’m special and I’m safe 
I trust in myself, 
For I am unique, valuable, and wonderful

I’m so excited to get to know me.  
I will Love myself, be myself and I’ll go crazy once in awhile.

I love me in the good, I love me in the bad, 
When I’m happy, and when I’m sad 
I will love me, and I will love you always

Article written and shared by Lindsay Müller

Article written and shared by Lindsay Müller

Mindful Music for Children and Other Humans

Lindsay is a passionate mother and musician, sharing her voice with those of us looking to empower our children. 

Little Bee and I have been listening to Lindsay’s music and have fallen in love with the message. Nothing is more heartwarming than to hear my daughter ask for the “Amazing Song.” 

Thank you for all you do for the world, Lindsay!

~Jessica & Little Bee

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