Running a business from home can be difficult with little ones running around your feet, pulling on your pant leg and needing your attention but it can be done! When I jumped into this blogging journey I was welcomed with open arms to the amazing momma bloggers who are getting it done like pros all around us! If you’re interested in taking financial control and rocking a home business while snuggling your little ones, then I have a few great resources to share with you that made this life possible for me!

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Some of the links I share contain referrals or affiliates which support me in providing all this fabulous information for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll help you as best I can or check out my privacy policy here.

My main business is educational consulting and blogging about educational activities and resources. I created a few products of my own, but I really prefer to share freebies with my audience to make sure everyone gets a chance to support their little learners. To do this, I have to have an income and sharing great information with my readers and the products that allow me to do that is an awesome way to see additional income streams in my bank account.
Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids

Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids

Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids
Adding a little extra income here and there by doing things you already love to do is super easy – it just takes a little research. Since I’ve already done all of that research, I’m happy to save you the searching and share what I learned.

If you use Instagram and love sharing photos of products you already use and love, you may be interested in Heartbeat  – When you sign up to be a Heartbeat ambassador you fill out your profile to tell them what you would love to post about. Then you’ll receive offers in your email. Sign up for the ones you love, or just leave them – no obligation at all! Pretty cool really.

Heartbeat works with real women, who genuinely love the products they share with their audience. Authenticity is important to them! Companies work with you to promote their products, fill out surveys, and more, so there are lots of ways you can make some extra money!

If you’re already doing online shopping then you should be looking into regardless. By shopping through Ebates, you get cash back on purchases you were already planning to make, but the added bonus is, when you share it with your friends, you also earn an additional $25. Yes, please! If I’m planning to purchase something online, I just double check in to see if there is a deal on what I’m looking for – free gifts with purchase, BOGO, or free shipping – they always have something to offer.

Introducing Awesome Resources into Your Business to Make Work Life More Efficient

I do a lot of printing – that’s a huge understatement because I love to print out learning activities for my little one, her Love of Learning Binder, and workbooks from online courses I take to constantly enrich my practice. It seems a bit funny for someone who works so heavily in the online world that I still prefer to jot notes with pen and paper but I also know hands on learning is key for my daughter so there we have it. It was costing me a small fortune until I discovered HP Instant Ink. If you have an HP Printer and do a lot of printing like I do, HP Instant Ink acts like your own personal ink assistant. When you need ink, your printer automatically lets HP know to send more. HP Original Ink is delivered straight to your door before you run out – and only when you need it (no stockpiling!). Plus, trying it is risk free – you can cancel anytime. It’s pretty awesome and a huge savings for a house that prints as much as Little Bee and I do! You can share your referral link with your friends with signing up so you can print for free which is a huge bonus as well!

30 Tips to Prepare Your Child for a Successful Start to School and ensure the first day back is a great one. #ideas #routine #tradition #howtoget #firstgrade #kindergarten #preschool #anxious #jitters

Staying organized is also key to staying on top of #momlife and #worklife without confusing the two and making sure everything gets done. I’m in love with Erin Condren Planners – they are beautiful, inspirational, cleverly made and have just about everything I need to stay organized (while having a little aesthetic fun in the process). On top of planners, notebooks and everything you need to stay organized with that, they also carry and create personalized cards, accessories and gifts. It’s awesome. It’s my one stop shop for anything I need with my name on it to keep my look consistent. Click here for a $10 off coupon and sign up for her newsletter for an additional 10% off!

Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids

Amazing Resources to Easily and Quickly

Build a Site for Online Business

Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids
I had decided to jump into blogging – to best share my resources and information with the audience I knew wanted it and would benefit from it. I wanted as little hassle as possible because I’m not naturally a tech savvy person. I was intimidated initially about the idea of starting a website but found out about SiteGround – an amazing web hosting site that provides incredible support. I was able to quickly set up my site with WordPress, and SiteGround was able to walk me through the process and provide me with all the information I needed. They are incredibly quick to respond to any time and do free site transfers for those looking to upgrade to a better supported hosting team. My site is never down, and the price is super reasonable!

To take my site to the next level, I invested in Divi – a beautiful theme from Elegant Themes. I love it so much. I can customize every inch, every aspect of my site and make it entirely me (with constant support from the team at Elegant Themes). They have lots of beautiful themes, but Divi is the most popular for Momma bloggers and online business owners because you can build your site from the front site rather than working with the coded and more intimidating back end. It’s amazing. You save so much time by saving templates that populate in a matter of seconds and you can pop your content in with no fuss. Amazing!

In committing to the “look” that I wanted for my site, I searched high and low for beautiful stock images that were meaningful to my message. There are amazing stock sites out there where you can sign up for lovely images for free and Ivory Mix is one of those – but I’ve also purchased a membership with Kayla of Ivory Mix because her images are so beautiful and clean looking and were exactly what I wanted. I do take my own photos as well but when you are a mom, running an online business, time is critical and formatting photos is out of my reach most days. Ivory Mix has exactly what I need in feminine photos, that don’t need any fine tuning. They are ready to go and add so much to each one of my posts.

Sharing affiliate links is a huge aspect to making a living from blogging. So much of what I do naturally encourages me to share the products I love and to earn a small portion from directing readers to these sites, I registered myself as an affiliate member with ShareASale. ShareASale allows me to search for companies I love and provides me with a link that I can use to share their products with friends and readers. I am very cautious with how I do this. I don’t like a lot of ads on my site. It’s not true to my message, or who I am and I honestly just don’t like the look. That’s not to say that people don’t make a fortune doing that, but it just wasn’t what I wanted for my site so I decided long ago to only promote products I used and loved. Honesty with your readers and clients goes a long way and it shines through pretty clearly.

Marketing and Promotion – Getting Your Incredible Products and Content to the People Who Want & Need It

I mentioned Ivory Mix above and I think that it is worth mentioning again here as visuals and images are so key to how we market our message, share out service and let people into what we have to offer. A mix of my own photos and those I get from Ivory Mix make up the majority of my posts, Facebook banners, Pinterest pins (will detail this more below), and Instagram photos. Having this consistent imaging allows people to recognize me and my work from afar. It’s critical to my success.

To create these images, with the text I want and adding my logo, I use PicMonkey – an amazingly easy to use design tool with more features than I have even attempted to look at. PicMonkey helps you build collages, made to measure templates for all social media platforms, gives you amazing and beautiful templates for poster, business cards and banners. It’s really cool and better yet – makes this creative process really fast and efficient. 

I was already an avid user and lover of Pinterest. It is a great place to search for just about everything, using visuals to send you a message in a matter of seconds if that content is for you. It’s like an upgrade to search engines for already busy moms who need information fast – and what better way then with images speaking directly to our search.

Sharing YOUR message is just as easy when you have a Pinterest Business Account (which is free to set up – super fast and simple too!), but it can feel overwhelming to keep up with all the pinning and sharing that helps your products, services and content get to the people who want and need it. Enter, Tailwind. Oh Tailwind, how I love you. Tailwind makes using Pinterest a breeze (and they have an added aspect for Instagram too but I don’t use that one just yet) and they are constantly sharing information on how to make the most of the platform for your business. It’s seriously amazing.

When it comes to connecting to your readers, reaching out via email and inviting them to follow your content with regular updates, ConvertKit is well known and well loved and really is built with bloggers and home businesses in mind with simple and quick templates and form creation.

I love and use MailerLite which offers all of the above as well. Just like ConvertKit, it can be integrated into your site, allows you to make sign up forms and email sequences with drag and drop simplicity. The big difference is the price – MailerLite is free for 1000 or fewer subscribers and is only $10/month for up to 2500 subscribers. I really feel it offers just as amazing opportunities and customizations as ConvertKit. Both are really great options – I’ve tried both and it was a hard decision as they were both so easy to use. Ultimately it came down to price, which is why I chose MailerLite.

Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids

Start your day off on the right foot with the right mindset to see you through those challenges! Free downloadable mantra list here!

Selling Your Own Products – Making Sales Quick and Efficient for Your Customers

I mentioned before that I liked to keep things simple. Time is a huge factor for me and I know I’m not alone in that. When I wanted to set up sales on my site, I knew I wanted it to be as few clicks as possible for those purchasing my products. I wanted something quick to set up and inexpensive for me since I wasn’t planning on constantly marketing my product as my focus was supportive and informational. Free to try and then just $9 for a basic plan, SendOwl does just that. I’m so pleased with it. It took minutes to set up and my first sale went through perfectly, sending my product to my client without any fuss from my end. Easy breezy.

Balancing Mom Life and Business Life

This is a tricky one, but not at all impossible when it comes to creating a routine that works for everyone and allows you to be efficient, effective and produce meaningful and valuable content in the moments and chunks of time you have throughout the day. I recently wrote a post about the importance of routine for everyone in the home and especially for you while building your business. The infographic shown here helps you prepare your day with your little ones in mind. I’ll go into more detail for what to do with those chunks of time you have to work your business soon but here is where to begin:

  • Get in the right headspace and mindset – start your day with this Mommy Mantra (free printable here) and remind yourself of your goals, and your “WHY” – more on this in another point.
  • Start your day with 3 main goals and write them on your to-do list. There is so much research behind actually writing these goals down vs having them in electronic format and I really do feel it helps to have your hands on your list each day.
  • Having an idea of how long these take and how much time you have in each chunk of time will help you plan and prioritize when you can accomplish them!
  • Earlier is best as things tend to take longer than we anticipate, and getting things done earlier means more time for more success building and loving on our little ones.
  • Do the biggest, most time consuming tasks first. I know, right?! I tend to leave these until the end to but they are often the items that get pushed to the next day, and then the next and so on.
  • Know your most productive time periods. For me, I can get a lot of focused work done early in the day – but my daughter is an early riser to this time gets interrupted often. I work really well in the evening after she goes to bed but this is also the most frequently request part of my day by others in my life who deserve time and attention too – friends, family, self! So, each day I set aside a solid hour where my daughter knows this is her “quiet time” and Mommy’s work time. She understands the importance of the time I need and that during that time work is my priority although I love her during all the hours of the day. My time is valuable. Yours is too. Choose how to spend it, while understanding the needs of your family but not putting your needs on the back burner.
  • It’s okay for my daughter to see me working! In the beginning I didn’t want my daughter to see me on my computer, phone, or have to sit quietly while I took calls because I felt I was putting her second. Well, I’ve come to understand this is exactly the opposite. She is my “WHY” behind so much of what I do and to work from home and be with her, this is what needs to be done. She is learning so much for these moments: time management, productivity, multitasking, focus, priorities, results orientation, and I am becoming a role model of what a mom who runs her own business, with financial freedom and time freedom looks like. She knows I do not choose time away from her lightly. I am not “wasting time” while I am within technology and I am not doing tasks that require me to be lost in a world away from her. I don’t do this for much of the day as she and I spend chunks of time with her Love of Learning Binder, playing outside, or at structured activities but when I do have to check in on some business, she knows and understands the importance of why – I don’t hide my awesome from her!

I would love to hear what resources you have tried and love, or where you are on your journey to working at home so you can enjoy your time with your little ones. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of planning and a lot of consistency but it’s so very possible to snuggle your children while making an income – supporting one another is the first step and I’m happily here to support you anytime! Just reach out!

Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids - What I did to start my home business on a small budget and without too much overwhelm. Taking only a few hours a day while my daughter is having her quiet time, I can focus and grow my business while working for myself. #homeoffice #motivation #schedule #tips #ideas #children #makemoney #athome #routine #WAHM #SAHM #business #life #time #son

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Create Your Stay at Home Business While Spending Time With Your Kids

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